Friday, January 18, 2008

Flowchart: Untangling Atheist Dogma

It has been said that atheism is as much a dogma as any religion; That atheism is itself a religion with a strict "belief system" that is accepted without question by its adherents.

As an atheist myself, and being sympathetic to the theist's struggle to comprehend the complex workings of the "atheist dogma" I could not shake the sense of compulsion to shed light upon the matter.

It has been a wild journey, these past few months. Many tireless days and long, sleepless nights have gone into the production of this, my most greatest acheivement. And if I gain nothing else from my efforts, I hope that I may find satisfaction in the knowledge that I have provided the religious world with a key that will unlock the cipher of atheism. A rosetta stone, if you will.

A big effing neon sign to illuminate the mass of dim, vacant minds that pass beneath.

I present to you, Flowchart: Untangling Atheist Dogma

I hope it is clear enough.


Richard Wade said...

Thank you for a very creative and amusing chart. We're actually having an increasingly serious talk about the implications of the chart's decision process over at Friendly Atheist and the more we get into it the more funny our own process becomes when we step back and look at ourselves, which I think was your intention.

artificialhabitat said...

Aye, cheers for the chart, though I fear a world of noodly mystery lurks within that intriguing 'Maybe'